Kernel Meetup: A Report

2017 has been an exciting year for the kernel community here in Bangalore. We started with a small number and now we are excited to have grown into a strong community of kernel developers from in and around Bangalore. On that note, we wanted to close this year by getting together. And we did so on 9th of Dec 2017 and below is a brief report on the Meetup.


Our first speaker Arvind Yadav, who recently was a top contributor to 4.14 with over 500+ plus patches. Arvind walked us through his experience from how he got started with contributing to Linux kernel, helping the newbies in the audience to understand the process of contribution as well as how one could look for bugs in the kernel and fix them. The presentation was very insightful as he demonstrated a work-flow of contributing upstream.Slides.


Prasanna Kumar our second speaker presented on “Porting Linux to new SoC” covering topics such as Device trees, BSP, drivers, boot process etc. Prasanna gave us an in-depth overview of the essentials one needs to keep in mind when it comes to porting Linux. Slides.




Since we had a additional slot free for discussion, Anshuman from IBM, LTC jumped in and gave us an Overview of Linux Memory Management. Covering topics such as MMU, Virtual memory, Address translations, page tables etc. The session was a lot of fun and learning. Slides.




Vaishali from Oracle was our fourth speaker. She present on her favorite tool Coccinelle. Not only did she speak about the tool, she also ensured the audience got a hands-on experience by providing exercises. Slides.




Chinmay from Nvidia presented on tools that he uses for Better Code Reading. He started with Vim and progressed into cflow, xdot, Cscope, ctags etc. Chinmay also touch based on git and related topics which was very useful for Kernel developers. Slides.


panelWe ended the session with Panel Discussion, Aneesh(IBM, LTC), Kamalesh(IBM, LTC), Vinod(Intel), Amit(Linaro), Arun Raghavan and Vaishali(Oracle) discussed various topics such as, contributing to Linux Kernel, Importance of Community and words of wisdom for budding newbies who wish to jump into the world of Kernel Development.

Overall, we had a very successful Meetup. With many familiar faces as well as many new ones, it was fun catching up with you all. We would like to Thank all the speakers, panelist and the audience for helping us make this event a memorable one.

We would specially like to thank our host “Sasken Technologies” and their wonderful team for having given us the space to conduct the event and all the required support to run the Meetup. Thank you again.

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One thought on “Kernel Meetup: A Report

  1. I am happy to tell that I am part of this enlightening yet fun event. And this event is for free! That makes me more responsible to take participate in it and then contribute in my own possible way. Looking forward for the next event….


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