Participating in the Bangalore Kernel Meetup IRC channel

Why would anyone want to hang-out in the Bangalore Kernel Meetup IRC channel?

1. Got a doubt about the Linux kernel and not sure whom to ask or where?

2. Did something with the Linux kernel and looking for feedback?

3. Have a problem and wondering whether Linux could help?

4. Interested to learn development tools and techniques on Linux?

5. Want early-access and plan for the upcoming Linux kernel meetups in Bangalore?

6. Want to simply hang-out and get to read interesting stuff in and around the Linux kernel?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, then here’s how you can join.


Channel: #bkmc

Well that’s the short version. Having participated in various IRC channels over the years, I had a general idea what to do with the above details. However, at the recent meetup Vinod recommend to me what turned out be a fantastic way to hang-out on the IRC channel. Enter IRCcloud.

Over the years one of my pet-peeves with IRC was that often times interesting conversations would happen when I was not active on the channel. If I wasn’t logged-in I would miss most of it and there was no easy way to catch-up (that I knew).
IRCcloud solves the problem of having to stay online all the time to never miss a message. Apart from a web-interface that we can use anywhere, it has tidy little native-apps for various desktop and mobile operating systems.

Here’s how i setup IRCcloud on my Android phone

1. Download IRCCloud on your device.

2. Create a free IRCcloud account

3. Login into IRCCloud (Sign-Up if this you first time)

4. Add the freenode IRC network and join the #bkmc channel
Click the “options” menu button on the top right and select “Add Network”

Select freenode as the chat server…
…bkmc as a channel you would like to join…
…provide you own name or handle as your identity details…
…click Done
…and that’s it! Welcome to the world on Linux kernel right here in Bangalore.


If you are new to IRC here are a few things to get you started.

  1. Register your name (“nick” in IRC terms)
  2. Learn these basic IRC commands.
  3. Send a shout out to anyone you know on the #bkmc IRC channel

Once you are on the #BKMC channel yourself, feel free to invite your friends and colleagues to hang-out on #bkmc using IRCcloud and never miss an interesting discussion again.


Contributed by Chinmay VS, Nvidia.

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