Kernel Meetup Bangalore: A Report

The first Bangalore kernel meetup turned out to be really great. We
had close to 50 attendees and it was exciting meeting new and old friends from the community.DSC_0015

The meetup kick-started with presentation on “Contributing to Linux Kernel” by Vaishali Thakkar , which covered intreseting set of topics on how easy it is for anyone to get involved and start contributing to the kernel. Slides can be found here.

After the pDSC_0013resentation, it was really nice to see many come forward to share their stories,experiences and the work they were involved in. Aneesh, a kernel contributor had intresting stuff to share plus his work on filesystems and scheduler.
We also had Suparna talk about her current work on Storage front. We had
Sumit from DSC_0022Linaro share stories on Android and their involvment in the
project. We also had many new comers/students who stood up and shared their interest in kenel development.

Yes, this will be a active meetup going forward and we will have regular meetup once every two months.

We are working on setting up a IRC and a mailing list. We shall be announcing this very shortly.

DSC_0027Last but not least, we did like to Thank Red Hat specially Mr Mohan and  Ramakrishna for having given us a wonderful venue and facilities.

Also we would like to thank James Morris  for his post on the kernel meetup which gave us a much wider coverage. And finally, we would like to thank all of you for having made this first meetup such a fun experience.


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