We are a day away from Second Linux Kernel Meetup Bangalore. I have been receiving many emails about the event and this post should clarify most of your doubts.

1. We begin at 10:30 AM, you are free to come a bit early to socialize.

2. Our talks will start sharp at 10:30AM as we have to two of them this time which would last an hour each. After each talk we will have a 15 min window for Q&A. If you still have more questions, you can always catch up with the speaker at the end of the meet-up.

3. There’s not specific do’s and don’ts for this event. Come-participate-have fun.

4. Bring your laptops with latest kernel on it. You might want to discuss things with the fellow kernel hackers about the stuff you are working on or interested to work on. we’ll have plenty of power sources around.

5. We won’t be providing lunch, but yes, you’ll have access to coffee/tea/biscuits.

Our mailing list is at:

IRC:#bkmc at

See you all tomorrow!!


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